Fourfunzies - S​/​T

by Fourfunzies

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The album was recoreded around 2013 at "Harefet" studio in ramat gan, and was Mixed & Mastered by THE MAN- Eli Pikover @ I-Scream Studios.Artwork by Din Golad (Harddcoree!)


released March 28, 2014

We would like to thank all our friends & familys that supported us in the proccess of making this music, All the bands that we performed with, special thanks to Valery from Not on Tour that beileved in us for some reason, and of course Eli Pikover that took this EP to the next level.



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Fourfunzies Israel

Formed at 2012 by Omer Kimhi (Guitar,Vox), Uri Hertzwolf (Guitar,Vox) and Shahar Ganani (Kick-ass basist).
When drummer Nir Shlezinger joined the band a while later- the Fourfunzies were ready to punk it. Since then have been performing in many diefferent venues in Israel, on their own or alongside many bands from the local scene, and had one crazy show at South Korea.
Their first EP released 2014
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Track Name: Heart Numb Synthetic
caught in between
cant do anything
'cause im not an adult yet, but i dont plan on being
heart-numbed and synthetic like you!

not gonna be like you (Heart-numbed, synthetic)
im gonna keep my ideals until the end
if growing up means compromising on who you are
i wont take part
Track Name: Swinging
Im just swingin', floating through the days
im not thinking and thats fucked up
maybe if i stop using all these drugs
i could think again, but where's the fun in that?

im not sleeping, no state of conciousness
im just sinking in this oblivious fun
brain cells all gone

but its not that bad when you think of it
there's no point in being mad when you cant think of anything sad
fuck my brain and fuck my mind

im just singing my collapse
Track Name: Away
this is the first time that i really miss someone
Its kinda weird to write it down into a song
it may sound absurd to say it all to you
but i found a way to tell you that its true

i really wish it'll last forever
I never thought this day would come
that i would love someone

Its really hard, more than i thought
but i really try to make things work

now that im away, i have the time
to set my mind on you
my feelings are getting clear
please dont disappear
Track Name: Blood Red Noise
Everything is turning quiet
Everybody keeps the silence
But im seeing noise

I see blood red noise

I wanna know what my race have become
we've turned to quiet money ants, how come?
you know what we have done.
quiet everyone.

My race is yours, the shame is mine
im seeing noise and it hurts my spine
still, im not giving up
my race is so messed up
stay quiet everyone.
Track Name: Insane But...
But everytime we take the step to solid harmony,
we always end up with another perfect tragedy
and now there's only me
'cause you cant see

the ignorance spreads everywhere
but people just seem not to care
society's rotting inside
cant see even with their eyes open wide

staring through your mind, i just cant seem to find compassion
get me out of here, 'cause it just keeps getting worse
so i'll just say goodbye, you all can watch as i go up high
let me disappear, watch as i go up high.

the world is coming to an end, and you cant see.
you may think you have a plan (you got it wrong)
please dont ask me to explain (youre fucking wrong)
just dont call me inasane
Track Name: Boring Day
Its another friday night
and im looking for something to do
my friend wont come
they're getting high
or drinking wine
and i hate to point the blame when i know its not okay.
another boring day, cant wait until it goes away
wont they come and play?

the sun came out and i gave up
ill have myself another beer
my friends wont be here to watch as i circle the drain
and i wont complain to them for leaving me here

I can't make this on my own
and i'll never point the blame when i know its not okay
another boring day, cant wait untill it goes away
Track Name: Expectations
cant live up to my expectations from myself
cant seem to follow my ideals

letting myself down,
cant you see there's only me to blame?
and ill fail you all tonight

thought that i could change
that it only takes some time
i was wrong.

can we fill the gaps?
are we strong enough to see
what we call "perfection"
is a thing we can not be?

letting myself drown
cant you see there's only me to blame
holding on to your love
that i know i dont deserve at all
but im letting go tonight
Track Name: Regain
Im a mess, but im building myself up again
I've repressed every emotion that i had to deal with
no control over my life, but ill regain it piece by piece
Facing a wall, will i break through?

holding on to the smallest piece of faith
but its enough.

no one can take back the time
all that time we have been
to busy not living
the comfortable path leads to a dead end

i have been ignoring what i know is right.
this time i know that i can change.